19 weeks

So, Harley is now 19 weeks old! Its going so fast! In the few weeks that have just passed he has cut 2 teeth! He is honestly such a well behaved baby, we are so lucky. I still look at him everyday in awe.

Its days like today when Doms going to be late home from work when i wish i lived closer to family. Its a little boring being on your own so much.

I am so excited for christmas and have gone so overboard! Everyone keeps telling me that he wont remember it and its all a waste, but i will remember it and its still going to be so special, its his first christmas!

16 weeks gone!

Harley will be 16 weeks tomorrow! I cant believe how fast things actually go. Im both sad and happy, my baby is no longer a tiny baby but now growing into a clever, amazing beautiful boy.

Seeing Harley grow makes me so proud, i still cannot believe he is my child. I had a cry last night because he held his bottle on his own.. how sad!

I definitely can say i want more children, seeing Harley grow up has made me think.

I am sooo excited for christmas and have gone overboard but who cares, everyone keeps telling me that he wont remember it or even care, but what about me? ill remember it, its still memories for us to have, he will see photos when hes older and im sure that he will still love it.

Seeing harleys face light up every morning when we wake up makes up for everything. People asked me when we were expecting, arnt you too young? Im 22, no im not young, you dont need to tell me i didnt enjoy enough of my life before children, because i now have my child to enjoy all this with me. Infact my life is no where near ‘over’ its only just beginning and im loving every minute of it, so the world can throw whatever they can at me, me and my little family will take on the world.

Catch up of the birth story!

Hiya, so, im Mell, On the 29th July 2014 my beautiful baby boy Harley was born. He was originally due on August 13th, 2 days after my 22nd Birthday! Harley was a big surprise to both myself and my partner Dom. Little did i know this bundle of joy would be the best surprise to come to us both.

Anyway, for starters,On the Saturday i had just moved into my new home.. i had swollen feet for quite a few days before i decided to check what was wrong. I rang my local midwife who told me it was probably nothing (it was now only Monday morning) – i didnt trust her judgement so i rang another midwife who called me in for a check. My blood pressure was high and i had too much protein in my urine. They sent me straight to the hospital who then saw increased urine and told me id have to stay in for obvs. I was worrying by this point.. and Dom had to go home. The morning i woke up, the  doctor came to visit me and told me i had Pre Eclampsia. I was worried as i knew this could be dangerous if left. They decided they were going to induce me later on that day (i didnt even have my hospital bag i spent weeks packing and re packing). Anyway, at half 4, we went down to the labour ward and the induction began. I went off for a walk but kept getting awful pains. Back on the ward i was re monitored and contractions had tarted too fast and too much. They called my consultant (also wouldnt let me have pain relief?!) who came down, she called in so many doctors and then told me Harleys heart rate was too high. i started to panic – they injected something into my stomach to try slow it all down but straight away they told me i had to go to theatre for a c section. I didnt have time to panic.. and it was all over so soon Harley arrived at 9.28pm, 5 hours after they started the induction. It wasnt how i planned my birth to be, but i got to meet my beautiful boy 15 days early, he weighed 7lb 4oz and was perfect.

2 days later we were able to bring him home, in our new house. I felt on top of the world.